Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Sunburn: Green tea and black tea to protect your skin

Drinking too much water only causes fatigue and skin damage. ” This is a complaint we hear every day. Sunscreen cream has been released and there is no discoloration of the limbs. There are no drugs available in the market to combat the intense heat. What will you do? There is way. Just take a look at the kitchen. Green tea and black tea are excellent for fighting sunburn.

Drinking green tea only to reduce obesity, Sora said in the evening evenings, and while drinking a cup of tea, one would never think of them as such. Powerful ultraviolet rays penetrate into the skin, eliminating their glow and softness. Excessive sun exposure can increase the chances of darkening your skin. Therefore, it is best to mix green tea and black tea with sunscreen cream. Mix green tea and black tea before going out and dry them in areas that are prone to sunburn and apply sunscreen cream as usual.

The ingredients present in green tea are antioxidants and natural sunscreen. Applying green tea on your skin provides a photo-protective effect, reduces sun damage and saves skin cells to some extent. Both are excellent for reducing DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Green tea also has the ability to resist aging. Don't be late. This tea magic can be tried before it is released

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