Monday, 8 July 2019

Is it okay if you don't drink water during the rainy season?

During the rainy season, special care should be taken in the matter of food. Especially in drinking water. Because waterborne diseases can easily get into the body. It is also a problem that many people do not feel thirsty during the rainy season. So there are those who forget to drink water properly. This is a particularly dangerous situation. Drink water even if you don't feel thirsty. Keep your body hydrated.

Others should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Drink only boiled water. Boil water for five to eight minutes. It is best to keep water in the same bowl as the boil. It can be boiled by adding ingredients like chukku and coriander.
Along with specialist treatment, these illnesses can be prevented. The rainy season is a subject most people are very skeptical about. There are many questions, such as how much water to drink, how cold or hot to drink.

Everyone knows the need for water in a man's 70 percent water. The following are some facts about healthy body weight:

A person should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water may be increased or decreased depending on the amount of water lost from the body

Fruit juices are good in the rain. Don't throw ice. Drink as soon as it is made. Do not put in the fridge or outside for long. It is not advisable to have coffee and tea anytime because it is cold. If needed, the body may lose most of its water from the urine and cause fatigue. But jasmine, chickpea and pepper coffee are good for the body

It is best to drink water as soon as you get up in the morning. It helps to energize the inner workings. Drinking water just in the stomach is beneficial for bowel movements. This will eliminate toxins in the body. Removing impurities will make your skin look beautiful. Drinking water alone can remove the waste and dirt from the colon. This enables quicker absorption of nutrients and nutrients

Drinking water in the morning will stimulate the production of red blood cells. This will help to absorb more oxygen. This will make you more active

Water is zero calories. Drinking water increases your metabolism. It will burn calories.

Drinking water at least half an hour before a meal can reduce the caloric intake of your food.

Just a drop of stomach water helps to maintain the fuid balance in the body and boost immunity. This will prevent infection. Resistant to diseases.

This will prevent you from gaining weight. Water is essential for the elimination of accumulated impurities in the body.

Water plays a major role in health and beauty care. Water plays a major role in the elimination of body wastes, blood production, body temperature and other metabolic processes.

Cold drinks and artificial juices can be dangerous. If there are no other illnesses, you can drink each glass of milk with a little warmth. It is a myth that alcohol can be used during the rainy season and cold. Alcohol can cause excessive production of urine. This can lead to thirst, loss of salinity and fatigue. Drinks like lassi can be left out for a while. This is because it causes the water to become trapped in the body.

The porridge, protein-rich lentils, kappa, kachil, champagne and moths should be fed in the rain And baked papaya and scallions are better. These are the ingredients that help your stomach feel better and better. The combination of pepper, coriander, chickpeas, cumin and iodine is very effective in preventing rainy season.

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