Monday, 8 July 2019

Dusty hands to keep food safe during rainy season

The parish and the rut are beginning to fall apart. And monsoon diseases. During the rainy season, special care should be taken in the matter of food. Especially in drinking water. Because waterborne diseases can easily get into the body. Often, the outbreak of the disease spreads rapidly.

This can only be prevented by taking good care of yourself. Monsoon is the time when children and adults alike should pay attention. Some techniques can be used to store food due to the sudden cooling and humidity spread. Fruits and vegetables can be used properly in cereal powder and spices
The first thing is not to buy vegetables and fruits in large quantities during the rainy season. Put the washed vegetables in newspaper and store them in an airtight bag in the refrigerator. The polythene covers can also be stored in the fridge. The fruits are washed thoroughly and stored in the refrigerator

Try to keep the stored grains at least once a week. It is because of the hydration of the atmosphere that pests grow in grains and spices. It is best to store the grains in glass jars. It is best to put a small piece of camphor.

Put the pan in the airtight container and heat it slightly. Never take the spicy powder with a damp spoon. This can cause mold.

Salt and sugar are more likely to melt during the rainy season. Instead of using plastic containers to keep it in place, use airtight glass jars

Drinking and bathing should be done with fresh water, as it is likely to contaminate the water. During the rainy season, the nipple and the sucker can be used. Food that is spicy is not good.

Most people are accustomed to eating hot meals overnight. But eating it with warm temperatures is what causes illnesses. Avoid excessive eating habits after eating.

Keep your food packed. The place where the food is cooked and stored should be clean

Avoid dragging and eating. Eat foods that are easily digestible

Fruit juices are good in the rain. Don't throw ice. Drink as soon as it is made. Do not put it in the fridge or outside for too long. It is not advisable to have coffee and tea anytime because it is cold.

Eating a diet consisting of carrot yoghurt, papaya, spinach, garlic and ginger helps boost the immune system. Kids and adults are better off eating beet root juice.

The coconut can be blended with a little salt or vinegar to make it look good. Once the coconut is cut, put it in cold water.

Tossing coconut water into the salt water helps keep the coconut intact. After the coconut breaks, the first thing to do is to use the eyes. This part is suddenly bad. So after using this part, try using the other part.

Cooking vegetables within 1-2 days is a good way to ensure freshness. But sometimes it is better to keep a paper wrapped in a paper towel if you have to keep it for a few days. If you don't get the paper towel, you can keep it wrapped in thick paper. The towel absorbs the excess moisture so that it stays fresh for a few days

Spread the tissue paper on the bottom of a bowl to keep the chilli from getting damaged. Keep it in the refrigerator until the wind blows. It will be fresh for a long time. There should be no white water.

When it comes to meat, buy the freshest. Not only will it taste good, but it will last longer. Look for fresh fish and buy. Considering a few things, you can be sure that the fish is fresh. The green fish's eyes are bright. Tall is firm in appearance. The tail has good strength. No odor

Buy eggs fresh. The outside of the purchased egg should not be washed thoroughly or stored in the refrigerator. In that case, there is a risk of bacterial infection

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